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Komotashi New Material Technology (shaoxing) Co.,Ltd.

At Komotashi New Material, customer satisfaction is paramount.

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Komotashi New Material Technology (shaoxing) Co.,Ltd.

Komotashi New Material, located in the bustling industrial hub of Shao xing, in the Zhejiang province, China, stands as the leading supplier of automotive components. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, Komotashi New Material has solidified its position as a trusted leader in the industry. Specializing in a wide range of automotive solutions, Komotashi New Material caters to the ever-evolving needs of both individual car owners and professional mechanics.

Our extensive inventory includes a wide range of essential components, including car parts, engines, crankshafts, and truck parts, ensuring that customers find everything they need under one roof. What sets Komotashi New Material apart is our relentless dedication to reliability. We understand the crucial role each component plays in the smooth operation of vehicles, which is why we adhere to stringent quality control measures at every stage of production.

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Xingzhan Automotive Technology (Shaoxing) Co., Ltd.


Process technology

From sourcing raw materials to the final inspection of finished products, our meticulous attention to detail guarantees the durability and performance of each item bearing the Komotashi New Material seal. At the core of our commitment to quality is the use of top-grade raw materials. We prioritize sourcing materials known for their exceptional strength, durability, and performance characteristics. By employing only the finest materials available, we ensure that our products meet and exceed industry standards, providing customers with unparalleled reliability and longevity. At Komotashi New Material, customer satisfaction is paramount. We strive to cultivate lasting relationships built on trust, integrity, and mutual respect. 

Professional team

Our knowledgeable team is always on hand to provide expert guidance and assistance, ensuring that customers find the perfect solution for their automotive needs. Whether you're a car enthusiast seeking to upgrade your vehicle or a professional in need of reliable components for your repair shop, Komotashi New Material is your trusted partner on the road to success. Experience the difference of superior quality and unmatched reliability with Komotashi New Material, where excellence meets automotive innovation.